Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Bourjois Happy Light Primer Matte Review

This is one of those purchases where I was not 100% of its claims but that little voice reminded me of my no limits to rid myself of oily skin.

I managed to get hold of this from Superdrug on offer for £6.99 or though I checked tonight and its already sold out!!!

The primer appears a peach shade in the bottle but upon application it blends clear and sinks into the skin well. 
Something I like about the texture of this primer is or though its a matte finish the formula does not feel powdery when blending into the skin. In fact I felt it completely skins in and dont feel any residue on my face. (brownie points there!)
It is light and more of a serum feel. 

Another problem I commonly find with many primers is the silicone texture that provides the oil control or blurring of the pores tends to not always hit it off with my foundation. Its almost like the foundation is slipping all over the place and does not stick to my face. (not pointing any fingers "porefessinal!")
This primer does not follow suit. I felt when i applied with my fingers the primer was gripping the foundation and gave a great surface for application.  

My pores also seem less obvious and the areas I tend to get shine first (anywhere down the centre of my face and around my mouth) get a good say 4 hours before anything begins to show through. Now this could be increased as I chose a foundation with a dewy finish which was to really put it to the test. 

I have seen a noticeable difference from applying this primer without the use of extra powder and have been very impressed with the results. The price as it is is great but full price and the volume you get for your money could be worth looking at more premium brands for just a fraction extra. With 20ml being the total formula in the jar.

All in all Im impressed with its performance and as high street primers go this is the best one ive tried of many! 


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