Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk Review.

With all the smart and savvy skincare thats floating around the market at the moment I have not seen in quite some time a good old cleansing milk review. 
They are still in the shops and my mothers generation still get on quite well with them so maybe I should explain why I still like to keep one floating around my bathroom cabinet. 

Well grabbing some of this stuff and a cotton wool pad can be a whole lot quicker than a full on double cleanse before bed. 
Yes Micellar waters are way more trendy but for drier skins and remember we are in the mists of season changes a milk feels richer and more nourishing on the skin.
With the many popular waters I also feel like I drag the pad around my face harder tugging and pulling as I go. With a milk I slip over my skin and im able to massage if even quickly with a cotton wool pad as I remove it. (though I do tend to still go in with a warm flannel)

Cliniques offering ticks the boxes for me. 
Does not irritate my skin, is fragrance free, non foaming and never leaves my skin feeling tight. The only down side in the list of ingredients is it contains Shea butter which can irritate blemished skin. Luckily for me I have not felt the affects of that one! The cleansing milk also norishes the skin which is really needed when the colder weather kicks in.
If you are going to double cleanse this would be the one to go in with first. 

So there we have it, Im quite fond of a good old cleansing milk. I just ask that you try not to forget this little cleansing gem! 


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