Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Try it out Tuesdays.... La Roche Poasy's Serozinc review.

You may of seen this on my July wish list and Im very happy to say it was something I was able to purchase pretty easily from the UK via ebay.
Both online stores from France has sold out which Im guessing is due to the Caroline Hirons affect again!

I have done a bit of research into this astringent, it has a very simple formula of water, sodium chloride and zinc sulphate.
There is no alcohol to effectively dry out the skin and cause over oil production.
This concoction of ingredients is claimed to help oily skin, sooth skin irritants including razor burn and even help a babies nappy rash heal.

I am using it as a toner to help control my oily skin and hydrate my skin prior to using a moisturiser.
Im following Caroline's recommendation and using it as a second toner after my exfoliating toner.
The other great thing about this spray is it acts as a microbial which helps kill bacteria (always a plus for those of use with blemishes.)

I got some prickly heat on sunday after a busy day with the kids. I sprayed this over my skin before bed and in the morning there was nothing there! No itching no lumps GREAT! 

So in my mind now I can see this toner working its magic and killing off all the bacteria preventing new spots. Ive only been using for a short period but I would say that on paper this product is great and has really helped control my oil production so far. (which has been great for this hot sweaty weather!)



  1. I LOVE serozinc! It's literally one of my holy-grail products, has made such a difference to my spot-prone skin, it's actually quite unbelievable as I always thought toners were a useless step! I've reviewed it on my blog and also have details on the UK seller I use :) http://daisy--meadow.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/la-roche-posay-serozinc-my-holy-grail.html xxx

    1. Thanks or that! Yes it is a great product, with this heat im finding it an addiction to give my face a quick spray here and there. Ill need a replacement before I know it! xXx