Monday, 5 August 2013

Game changers of the last 6 months.....

Over the last 6 months I have made many changes to both my makeup bag and skincare, both of which have been improved for the better.
Bellow I've listed the 5 things that I feel have been real game changers in my opinion.......

First up switch out is foaming face washes. I discovered that the foaming ingredients in pretty much ALL face washes are actually a major breeding ground for bacteria. I also discovered that oil on an oily face does not equal a mega breakouts. Infact it creates a better hydrated and healthy looking face! Switch in Cleansing Balms, and with this it has made my evening cleansing routine more of a little treat, including giving myself a little face massage, very nice! My current love Balance Me Cleansing Balm.

Next up I joined this band wagon a little later than everyone else, lip crayons. Originally I was not really keen purely on the fact they looked like an item from my sons crafting box, a bar of lipstick is a lot more classic looking and alot less "ive decided to take a wax crayon to my face."  However the switch out happened as the formulas improved and the focus was shifted over to crayons making them  fairly common across many high street brands trying become the next dupe of Cliniques Chubby Stick. My current favourite brand is Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain.

Wipes, Have they ever really been good for our faces? After using a sensitive baby wipe on my face and coming out in a bumpy rash all over my cheeks I decided to stop using them on my children and find an alternative for those nights where I that shatted/possibly a little drunk to give my face a 10 step extreme cleanse down before I collapse into bed. Switch in Micellar waters....
No alcohol, on weird film or rash left behind on my skin. I really cant complain. In my bathroom is Loreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Micellar Water.

The next item I have switched into the mix is cream blusher, really I have been using it for years on and off with Stila's Convertible colour being my first ever purchase when I was 21! But this year cream blushers have really hit the high street and have been great for this seasons radiant look. Powder blush maybe switched out for now but I could not see this being forever. My heart is with good quality powder blush. For pink pinched cheeks I go with Topshops Cream Blusher.

Finally and permanently switched out is Facial scrubs. Im talking the grainy kind that claims to give your pores a good clear out. Well for the last umm? lets say around 16 years I have tried nearly every type on the market and nothing compares to when I finally purchased a chemical based exfoliant!!! Switch in Alpha H Liquid Gold!

What have you changed in your makeup/skincare closet this month? 


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