Monday, 11 February 2013

My First Post

My First Post

Im sitting in my living room with 2 snuffly nosed under 3s thinking what did i do with my time before i brought them into the world. 
Well I have remembered pretty quickly, SHOP! 

Gone our the days when i could browse at my local shopping centre or try something on in a changing room without a complete meltdown from one of my little angels. 
These days its more about an online shop when they are asleep and this is only for things i really need not WANT or CRAVE! 
So i have decided (on a much reduced income to my pre children days) im going to start making more of an effort for myself. 
I live in birmingham there are late night shops, websites that with the right sales pitch could get a pretty good sale out of me and days where my better half could give me an hour off to escape the dribble and children's television.

Dont get me wrong I love my babies but my other love has had a back seat for far to long! 

So on this note it will begin, I intend to find a way to look great using as little time in my day to do it so can enjoy spending time with my little angels.

Well heres hoping i find what im looking for!


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