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BIRCHBOX March 2013

BIRCHBOX March 2013

This is the first Birchbox I have ordered to be honest when I had seen it released this month i was really hoping for a Beauty Blender which unfortunately was not included in my box.

My first impressions? Well i ordered the box on the 13th March and it arrived a week later.
I did quite like the box, its brown with pink metallic writing. To be honest i can be a sucker for presentation, an item just appears to do the job better if I think its pretty! 
Inside the brown box there is a pink drawstring bag that holds the contents which im sure ill be able to reuse at some point if not for myself I can put the kids puzzle pieces from broken boxes in them.
I did really like the magazine that comes with it. It had much more info that the newsletter you get from Glossybox, there were more how to's like using the Laura Geller liner and using the Beauty Blender.
I also liked the theme Role Models however I cant help to feel the items could of been a bit more related to hero products.

The items, well ive tried them all out now first up the chocolates, both me and my husband demolished them in seconds but for Lindt Chocolate Truffles what can you expect?

The Molton Brown Valbonne Fragrance was just not for me. The sent was very over powering and as much as I quite like Molton Brown as a whole if this was the first time I had experienced their products 
I think it would of deterred me from re entering their store. I found the sent quite citrus with a deeper leathery heady sent as it settled into my skin. It gave me a head ache.

RMK Cleansing Balm i have really enjoyed. I have begun a mini collection of cleansing balms which currently id say im close to picking a favourite but this is up there in the final pickings. This is  rose sented yet not to (dare i say it) granny floral. The sent was delicate. I removed most my makeup before using this, massaged over damp skin and let it sit there for a good minute. I then used a muslin cloth to remove. This balm claims to be for mature skin, I have oily its not aggravated a break out, caused a sebum slide on my face or even caused red patches. I was very impressed with this product! The only down side I would be holding off a purchase until I see a pretty good offer.

Next up La Slutane De Saba Body Lotion This product to me smelt just like Johnson's Talc! I loved it! The lotion left my skin soft and not feeling tight of dry the next day. This body lotion contains Argan oil which I felt helped the lotion sink in well leaving no sticky feeling when putting on my Pjs. When looking to purchase this product in the UK i could not easily find a stock list. This must be fairly new to the UK I would like to see some more of their range.

Ive tested Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream everywhere, on my elbows, lips, knees and Kara's (my 11 month Daughter) bottom. The sent is slightly menthol it did sink in better than Elizabeth Ardens eight hour cream but I do feel is a little pricey for £19.50 for 70g. I am also not a fan of the idea the full size bottle is in a tub. The sample is a tube and I just feel is a little more hygienic with a product that I would properly go through dry skin phases of using. Kara's bottom? I give a fair result for this it acted as a good barrier cream. No rashes in site.

I was happy to see a sample of Sanctuary 30 Day Thermal Transformation Mask I have already tried this out once before and very quickly forgot about it so was unsure whether this was of any interest for me. But I did enjoy the mask, I love a warming mask as I feel its getting just that little bit deeper into my pores and getting all those nasties that want to become raging spots out! I think this could possibly be useful for my acne scars as it claims to plump and repair the skins texture.

And finally my favourite item of the box Laura Geller Inkwell Waterproof Gel Liner I can happily say since I tried this product I have used it every day. Its a solid black has better staying power than Mac's Fluid line and can be easily smudged before it sets into a smoky eye look. The brush is great to, i tend to not to use the applicators that come with Makeup products as they tend to be useless. But this brush is good quality and very fine for doing a great cats eye. I prefer it to the one that comes with Clinique's brush on cream liner. I found the bristles kept falling out of that brush.

Its a great quality liner, im very impressed with the results!

All in all I have to say im impressed with the quality of the box, the size of the samples and the use of both well known and more up and coming brands. I will be purchasing next months box!


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