Monday, 25 March 2013

Urban Decay THEODORA


Well as soon as I heard Urban Decay were doing The great and powerful Oz palettes I knew the Theodora palette was the one for me. 
I much prefer darker shades and with currently having red hair the other Urban Decay palette Glinda didn't have the colours I found appealing.

First impressions..... Awesome!!! The packaging is great and includes a how to copy Theodora's look.

Above pictured is the "get the look" card from the Theodora palette.

The palette is also reusable so you can swap or replace eyeshadow's which is great for on the go.
Included is also the Glide On Eyeliner in Zero (basically black) and Theodora Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Colour (a bright red) 

The shades I loved, I wore them 5 days out of 7 last week. "Broken" a cream satin shade that blended really well into my skin and smoothed out softly. The colour stayed put all day which I find many lighter creamy shades tend to disappear into my skin even with primer. 
"Beware" is a matt warm yet soft brown shade which blended amazingly and suited my skin tone well. When I was unable to find my contour powder early this week I substituted with this shade and it worked for me.
"Bewitch" is a darker satin brown. I found this shade more difficult to blend however this may be as have a pale skin tone and the colour does really pop out. The pat then blend method worked well for this shade. 
"West" a deep metallic red/brown with a slight shimmer. I found this was easier to blend into the lash line and the edge of my eye compared to blending Bewitch.
"Spell" is two colours in one pan and holds a gold and black shimmer shadow. This reminds me of a bee or wasp maybe? (Could be the fact disney's The Hive is on the the background for the kids) 
Finally there is "Jealous" again two colours in one pan both more pearlescent than shimmer, one is more a lime green and the other a deeper grassy green shade. Both of these blend beautifully together  and I find really go well with my red hair.

The" Theodora Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Colour" I could not bring myself to take a picture of. This colour was to bright a cherry red colour, where as I find blue undertones in a red lippy suit me much better. The colour once applied does have a glossy shine without feeling to heavy on your lips. I did find however it did not stay put for long there was alot of transfer.

The Glide on eyeliner in "Zero" is Urban Decays classic black colour. I have always been a fan of UD eyeliners so its always great to have a travel size for the makeup bag.

As a round up im very happy with this purchase. Ive enjoyed using the palette, I like that there is more than one "bad witch" look that can be achieved and I also love that when I have used up every last ounce of the eye shadows I can replace them as I love the case alone!!!
Now just to watch the movie.....


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