Thursday, 16 May 2013

BIRCHBOX UK May 2013 Review

Birchbox May 2013

Yesterday I received my email from Birchbox to advise my shipment was on its way and within 2 hours there was a knock at my door!!! That is some delivery service! 
Yesterday was also my birthday so receiving my may Birchbox then was fab!

The magazine....
Well as normal there is the Birchbox mag and I have to say of all the sample boxes ive subscribed to, Ive found this magazine is my favourite one! Full of tips of getting the most from your products and interviews with creators of brands, makeup artists, etc. (I have to add if I feel like I get to know the founder of a company it can really sell a product to me) 
The magazine this month also includes a countdown to getting red carpet ready which yes does add in many products they want you to buy but at the same time is a great read if you really do have a big event looming.
Mays Birchbox is also supporting "Fashion Targets Breast Cancer" and I have to say with my own grandmother only getting the all clear for Breast Cancer last October really impresses me that they will be donating 30% of all May purchases from their store! 

The samples.....
This month the samples really vary and I do feel they fit with the red carpet theme well.
There is a sample size OPI Nail Lacquer, I received a pink one. The shade is not noted on the bottle or in the box?
I am already a fan of OPI and have many of their shades (still currently loving the OZ shades!!!) 
I can vouch to say they will last and ive always been impressed with their pigmentation.

There was a great sized sample of Elemental Herbology a cell plumping facial moisturiser with SPF8 the card reads "This concoction of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and ultra-hydrating botanicals boost and plump the skins appearance and texture." 
Well upon sampling this both last night and this morning I have to say on my oily skin ive found it lovely! Ive not greased out today, it didn't break me out over night (but id give it a few more days to say for sure) and the sent!! Its a fabulous rose sent. My husband even commented as he left for work this morning! The texture is not greasy at all, its light and absorbed really well. I think I can already hear a re purchase coming!

Next up B/ATTITUDE Body Souffle I tried this out last night after my bath. I still feel moisturised today  which is great for my usually snake like scaly limbs! 
The sent is pleasant to, nothing to hold a lasting memory but id say it resembles my daughters Johnson's baby powder light with a slight powder sent.
B/attitude are better known for there restaurant Buddha - Bar and they also have a spa in paris which im guessing is where the idea for creating their own products stemmed from.
Would I buy it again? I dont think so. Soap and Glory will still have pride of place in my bathroom for now.

Also included in this months box was Makebelieves Lipgloss well looking at it im not a fan straight away. I hate nude glittery glosses. I did try it on however and or though its quite a thick constancy it was not gloopy on my lips. I didn't not find it lasted long either. This lipgloss is meant to enhance your tan and apart from the shade making your lips look lighter to make your skin appear darker id say this does nothing more than any other nude glittery gloss.

For a beauty extra in this months box there were 2 sachets of Doctor Duve Anti ageing and firming Eye Cream. Well from the size of the samples provided I dont think I could really give a good review of these. I opened one last night and didn't find any difference to using my simple roll on that I usually use. I think ill save the other one for when I have a night away from home.

Finally as a life style extra there is Kusmi Tea, Detox flavour. Now this does sound lovely the idea of getting rid of all those nasty toxins, boosting my energy and lowering my stress levels but figuring out how im going to drink this tea without a strainer is increasing all of these!!!

Final thought on Birchbox May....
Im going to keep it going another a month, I think I may of found a new "it product" and i really did enjoy this months mag!


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