Thursday, 16 May 2013

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer Review.

I decided after seeing many good reviews of Rimmels Wake Me Up Anti Fatigue Concealer to take the plunge and spend £5.99 of our hard earned money on it.

The packaging Ill say I quite like. The fact the wand is bright orange makes it stand out in my makeup bag so easy to locate in an early morning russell to try and look half awake.
I love the consistency of this concealer, it blends so well with either my Real Techniques deluxe crease brush or my ring finger so I dont think a novice would go to wrong if they made this purchase.
For my under eyes this worked a treat. I found the shade I have 010 Ivory blends well into my skin tone even without any foundation on and an extra plus is I could not see any little shimmery particles many high street brands show to help reflect the light. (pet hate!)
This concealer has not sank into my eye creases either a trait that is very common with many concealers I own.

Ive not owned the product for long enough to comment on whether the peptides and vitamin moisture complex make a difference but any added goodness is always a good seller to me.

One final note to add I have seen that many people dont rate this concealer for blemish purposes I have found if I put a layer on a blemish let it set then add a second layer there is good coverage lasting around 4 hours before it starts to wear away. To be completely honest I would not use a radiance concealer over a blemish as it may draw more attention to the area. However if you only are carrying the basics this is useful.

To warn you the next picture is me pre makeup!!!



Its like its someone elses eye!!! No other makeup and no fancy effects (well by my doodles) either.

Final note.... Give it a go!


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