Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Every things Rosie.....

Every Things Rosy.......

Last night I as in the bathroom removing a hard days graft and I noticed all the products I was using had one thing in common. The Sent. 

First item of the evening was RMKs Cleansing Balm, this was a sample I had in my March Birch box and it has lasted me some time as ive been using it on and off as more of a treat. Im mostly still undecided on my Dr Nick Lowe skin care so ive up the trial use to 2 months before I decide whether its right for me. 
Anyway this Rose sented balm is a dream, it glides onto my face, turns milky and removes every trace of makeup with a muslin cloth I use to buff the product off with. I really like got get the cloth as hot as i can manage it and breath in the sent before I start to buff away. Ive found this also does not break me out or leave my skin feeling oily and a little goes a long way. Dont get me wrong it is pretty pricey at £28 for a 100ml tub but im sure you would get around 2 months use out of this.

Next up is Natio Ageless Organic Rose Oil  I decided to buy this on a spare of the moment when I thought it was time to put Anti Ageing into my skincare routine. I can say this is really lovely to use. I pump the oil into my fingers, it does slip right through so I tend to put a small amount on and work quickly. This is when I do a mini facial on myself using movements I was taught in college. I work lightly so not to drag the skin and then just tap my fingers over my face to help pat the product in when im done. 

Finally I am currently using Elemental Herbology Cell Plumping Facial Moisturiser This sinks into my skin well even after the oil, has a wonderful rose sent that is heaver than the Natio oil and leaves my face feeling great as if the day is just beginning.  These 3 products used together layer the rose sent onto my face but not over powering it. This moisturiser ironically I received in this month Birch Box, I can assure you this is not me trying to sell Birch Box just a big coincidence that these items are rose sented. Maybe I should of just called it "Every things Birchie!"


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