Sunday, 26 May 2013

NYX Brow Eyebrow Cake Powder Review.

NYX Brow Eyebrow Cake Powder Review.

When I was at the beauty show UK last sunday every other stall on show were advertising brows. Now myself I think I still have fairly full brows, lucky I hadn't jumped on the over plucking band wagon in secondary school but still I did have an advertisement for Mcdonalds above my eyes before I discovered tweezers.

I decided to try out getting my brows filled at one of the stalls, the one I chose was HD Brows but seriously there was many places to chose from. The lady on the stool filled my brows in using a stencil and tried to convince me to part with my cash and by the set for my brow colour. Im glad I didn't! 

When I walked away the shape and general look of my brows were great but the colour was terrible and did not sit well with my bright red hair at all! 
So I decided that I would have a dabble with my brows myself and enter the NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder.
I decided best not to spend to much on my first brow purchase to begin with as with practicing and the abuse it would receive I thought best to get something that I would not mind wasting half of.
On the NYX stand I spotted this and I got my sister this time to match me (lucky she chose the one I thought I should be wearing)
(Me post applying minus foundation eekk!)

So now ive dabbled and I can say this is a fabulous starter set great price at £5.00 for 2 powders and a wax to help tame any strays (of which I am guilty of)
The powders I did find lasted the full day and the two different colours worked well together to help avoid that flat penciled on look. 
There are 2 brushes that come in the mini palette. A mascara style wand which i use to brush my brows and a slanted stiff brush for working the product in. 
The product was not difficult to remove with my eye makeup remover on the evening. 
I have to say as a brow novice the kit was not difficult to use. 

This is a product I would recommend to anyone wanting to try out filling their brows without emptying out their purse. It has all you need to achieve a natural full brow look.


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