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Glossybox June 2013 Review

Glossybox June 2013 Review

Well summer has finally arrived and with a real tan to prove it what better theme could glossybox provide us with this month than a "Summer Look Theme" 
As the norm im not overly keen on the news letter it contains minimal information and does not give me a good idea of the product, brand history or what makes this sample worth adding to a glossybox.

The items in my box this month I have to say are the worse ive ever had! A few weeks before I noticed a new section on my Glossybox account to make my details more personal such as skin type, hair condition and what im interested in. Well it could not of been taken into consideration for this box as I have fine flat shiny hair and very oily skin so both the hair product and skin product are rendered useless to me! 

First up there is a Helen E Cosmetics Waterproof lip liner it is in a nude colour which is always useful to have and is a full size product.

Upon testing this out i can confirm it is not waterproof at all and had no real staying power. I only needed to swipe my finger over the swatch above and it smudged so I cant see this landing in my summer makeup bag.

Next up is a smoky silver eyeshadow in the shade Dusk by "me me me." The pigment is great and the shade has a metallic finish to it. I have tested with and without a decent primer and the colour payoff is intense. I was able to to a lovely smoky eye look with this eye shadow but is a little heavy for a summer look for me. I also found this eyeshadow did not last a full day, it faded and easily rubbed off my skin.

The next product is a cult favourite to many and does have many uses for summer hair  which is John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum. This may be great for many people but I have very fine, flat, greasy hair so this sample was really not any use for me.

The skincare product this month is Monu Professional Skincare Hydrating Moisturiser now this was a good size sample at 30mls and at £29.95 for the full size product (50mls) I would consider a deluxe size sample. This sample does say it is suitable for all skin types but i found within 10 mins of putting on my skin there was a greasy film on it, this moisturiser claims to blur imperfections and correct skin tone. I could not see any blurring to my many imperfections and I would not judge on correcting skin tone as I feel you would need to try it out for a much longer period of time to see any results for any product. One of the selling points of this item for the summer theme is it has spf15 in it. Im not a big fan of SPF in skincare I find it tends to block my pores, takes a double cleanse on an evening to fully remove and for the fine layer you put on your skin really does not provide you with the full spf coverage it claims to give. If its hot enough for sun protection I add an oil free SPF into my skincare that is made for the job not just an extra benefit in a moisturiser.

Finally and this is my favourite product I received, a Figs and Rouge lip balm in the flavour Cherry Blossom. I LOVE IT! It smells divine and contains no petroleum jelly, an ingredient I personally find just sits on my skin and does not provide much moisture. This is also a 100% natural product and is tinted pink leaving just a hint of colour on the lips. I would say this is a summery product worthy to be included in the June theme and an extra plus is this product is made within the UK so investments are only helping our economy! A great excuse to buy!

Final note, im not to sure if I will continue with glossybox next month i think i will review other boxes and if im impressed ill say i had an unlucky month and give it another go. Watch this space......


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