Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Loreal Micellar Water Review.

Loreal Micellar Water Review.

I have not really tried many micellar waters that are on the market for two reasons, reason one being I think they belong backstage at a fashion shoot and two being I cant see how makeup dissolves away (makeup just does not just disappear like a Dynamo trick in my eyes!)

I do see these waters more as a pre cleanse or a quick fix as a much better alternative to a face wipe, they have no alcohol in them and are much kinder to the skin.
Another issue I have with these waters is alot of them you have to scour the earth (well France) or pay well over the original price on ebay so its nice to see the UK are starting to get more of these on the market.

This water I thought was a great price. I got it on a two for £6 offer at boots so really I paid £3 for this item.

Using this product was ok, it did remove all my makeup, was sent free and even took off my mascara with some extra gentle help.
I liked using the water, it is a great pre cleanse especially when you have worn a large amount of makeup.
I did not like the film feeling that was left on my skin though. I felt the need to use water on my face to remove the final traces as my skin was left feeling a little tight.
I used with cotton wool and you could really see the results on the pad.

I still feel like my makeup is being moved around my face after being dislodged however and that tends to make me feel the need for a second cleanse after.

On a whole I do think this is a useful product, it has replaced the emergency face wipes and in the long run i will try out more micellar waters to find one that will not leave a film or tight feeling on my face.
If anyone has any suggestions of nay good ones that you can buy in the uk that would be great!


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