Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Urban Decay Haul and skin rant

Urban Decay Haul

The better half took me into Birmingham centre at the weekend for a little browse around the Bullring. The kids had a rare day that they were both really well behaved which is unheard of. (that well behaved they both fell to sleep then me and Hubby were able to have a coffee and a cake on the sly!) 
My husband does not shop with me for makeup very often, he has no idea of the costs of our much loved and treasured make up possessions so when I had a browse around the Urban Decay stand in Debenhams and he told me to purchase these 3 items all in one day I was a little shocked. (not as shocked as him at the till!) 
I've wanted the Naked 2 Palette for what feels like forever now, ive lusted after it and think I may of even brought it in dream once so I was over the moon when I was able to buy this.
When I was speaking the the really lovely lady on the stand (I really wish I remembered her name now!) she offered to put the naked skin foundation on me to try it out and used the Pore Perfecting Primer before hand.
After I left had a good walk round the shops and ate cake! the foundation still looked fab so my husband brought both the foundation and the primer for me.
(Long story as to why, yes Im a very lucky girl to have a wonderful guy like him but he has seen me pretty down the last couple of months with my skin flaring up again)

To be honest ive had a few months were Ive really struggled with how my skin makes me feel. I am fully aware that there are much worse things that are happening the world around me but some times I really cant help but feel crappy about it. 
I had acne as a teenager and was picked on quite a bit for it so I think maybe the stigma of that is still under the surface. I am just left feeling very unattractive and not like a grown woman who is on the closer side of 30!
Some of the enormous things that pop out on my face just tick me off!!!

Anyway back on to better things such as my shop, when we left Birmingham on the weekend I was a very happy girl with my bag of goodies!!! 
I am going to do reviews on the foundation and the primer but I wont add yet another Naked 2 review to the internet unless I have some pretty bad ass looks to go with it! 

Thanks for reading my slight rant x


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