Sunday, 23 June 2013

ModelCo Free with Glamour Magazine Review.

I purchased like every copy of this months Glamour Magazine with the Models Co free gifts I could find. This was to enable me to try some of the free items out. Sad some may say but for a £1 magazine and you leave with 4 items of makeup valued at around £60 and you have only spent £4 in total I'm squids in! 
Plus my sisters were all happy they got a free copy of glamour magazine anyway! 

First up is the Lip Enhancer, on the surface this is a great concept. A nude liner that can be worn alone to enhance a natural lip or under a lipstick for extra stating power and fullness.
I really like that it has a fitted sharpener as I'm always mislaying mine so if its in the lid it's not going to go walkies. 
When trying it out I found it easy to apply, a really good tone of nude for my skin tone and it was creamer than some liners I have tried where you struggle to get the pen to transfer onto your lips without warming it first!
On a wearability factor I was not overly impressed I tried it alone and with lipstick layered over the top. It did give my lips a fuller look but within an hour it was no longer on my lips. 

Next up was the Models Co Lashxtend Mascara, this is a fibre mascara that claims to lengthen your lashes, be smudge and tear free and not clump your lashes together. When I put this on it looked perfect, just the right amount for my lashes as I don't like to have the spidery look.
By lunch time I found fibres all under my eyes where they had dropped out, I also had stinging eyes meaning I was sensitive to the formula. 

There were many of the Model Co Eye Define Liners on the shelves when I went in search of the magazines so I instantly thought that this was going to be the worst of the products so upon testing I was pleasantly surprised. The liner again has a sharpener fitted into the lid, it went on well and I found lasted on both my upper lid and waterline. The colour was a strong, deep black that would both smudge and set well. This was my favourite product of the four.

Finally the lipgloss, Shine Ultra Lip Gloss I didn't bother getting both shades as the nude shade was far to light for me, I much preferred a soft pink look the shade "berry pink". The gloss went onto my lips well and left a lovely berry tint. However I found the gloss had no staying power at all. 

So here is my round up, if you decide to get hold of glamour this month and have a choice I would go for the eyeliner. The mascara I would say is the least best product of the four.


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