Friday, 21 June 2013

My favourite Real Techniques brush (well, this week!) The Setting Brush.

My favourite Real Techniques brush (well, this week!)

I am currently really loving this Real Techniques Setting Brush. This is a fairly recent addition to my much loved Real Techniques collection and to be honest im kicking myself I had not got it sooner.

This is truly a multi tasking brush so if im doing a full face of makeup I keep brush cleaner to one side so I can use it for multiple purposes.
It's super soft and well defined perfect to completing its task.

Firstly i use this brush is made for setting powder, great for use with Mac Studio fix Concealer as it can also blend away any harsh edges and using a good powder will set the concealer for the day.

Next up I find this great for contour, it is a smaller brush than the Real Techniques Contour brush but i find this better for getting into the more difficult places like the side of my nose. It blends out well and leaves no tell tale stripes that it had been there.

I also like to use this brush to highlight, the top of my cheek bones, the centre of my nose and chin it takes the perfect amount of product be it im using a cream or powder highlighter and blends it in seamlessly. 

If you only like to powder your T zone I think this would be the perfect brush, its just the right size and perfect shape to pick up and distribute the product.

Whats your favourite Real Techniques brush?


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