Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Alpha H Liquid Gold Review.

After seeing Mrs Hirons acne advise of channel 4 beauty and hearing much about it on her blog the beauty mouth I decided to take the plunge and purchase this apparent miracle in a bottle.

Liquid gold does not really have any gold in it but im sure you would of guessed that already. It does however have 5% glycolic Acid which if you have read my Clarins exfoliating toner review found here I explain a little more the benefits of Glycolic acid which one of them is helping reduce acne.

To use this product post cleansing I apply to both face and neck. I do this on an evening twice a week. The directions do state that liquid gold can be used every other night however as Im using the Clarins toner I dont want to go to crazy with the chemical exfoliant and thin the skin out!
I do not use a moisturiser after applying as it is said to reduce the intensity of the treatment so I dont go to crazy in the sun the day after! 

Now the results of using Liquid Gold can be seen from the first use. My skin looked refreshed, acne scarring looked ever so slightly less prominent and my pores were alot less congested. 
Last month I had around 11 under the skin large painful spots across my jaw line this month there is only 2!
My pores have not shrunk amazingly however there is a clearer tighter look to them post application.

This is single handedly the best exfoliant I have ever used! I can see and feel the difference in my skin including makeup application. I would not of named it liquid gold however as I dont feel there have been actual miracles happen to my skin. I still get new breakouts but the intensity is not of the same level.

Have you tried liquid gold? How do you rate it? 


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