Thursday, 25 July 2013

Nivea In shower Moisturiser review.....

This review for anyone who knows me well will know im partly doing this for my son. He has some weird obsession with the brand at the minute if we go into a shop he starts taking anything nivea off the shelves and wont leave the store till he has at least something (im currently building up on travel sized hand wash!)

This is a fairly new edition to the Nivea family aimed at making taking a shower a bit quicker and easier, quite possibly for mums like me who's idea of a wash is quite

literally having a 2 minute rinse as stated on the popular soap and glory shower gel!

The formula does feel alot like hair conditioner in my opinion. If you are not watching what you doing more ends up in the drain than on your skin. It is designed to be used as the final step when showering so if you decide on a further 10 minutes just to ponder this will not work for you!

To sample moisturiser I first tried the formula for normal skin, and to be honest found no difference in my skin, I still needed to add moisturiser post shower as normal!
However I decided to up the anti and purchased the dry skin version. (to my sons delight of course) and I can say I felt some results post shower.

It is never going to replace a good rich body butter but for those days where you cant be bothered to go through the post shower ritual of applying, massaging and waiting to absorb before yanking on those skinny jeans (that are most likely to skinny!) this could be for you! It is not going to change your life or convert you to in shower application but I am impressed that on a morning pushed for time I can do all i need in the shower without feeling like my skin is to tight for my body!


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