Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Balance Me Cleansers review, Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm and Pure Face Wash

This month I was able to make another purchase from my July wishlist which was the Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm. This was my first purchase directly from Balance Me and luckily I had a free delivery weekend email. I ordered on the Sunday night and it was with me by the Wednesday morning, very impressed with the delivery service!
I was also supplied with a free sample of their anti-wrinkle cream which im currently "test driving" now.

The products were packaged really well and looked lovely wrapped neatly in a grey tissue paper. 
Now the balm came with a muslin cloth which to be honest will not be used for its purpose. Im much more of a flannel girlie. The muslin cloths I save and tie oats into for my daughters baths or my own on an irritated skin day.

Ordering directly from balance me joins you to a club where you are able to receive excellent benefits getting better with the higher value you spend. So the basic bronze member (anything brought up to the value of £50) gets a free deluxe sample. Silver (anything over £50) gets 10% off the order and a free sample. Finally gold (anything over £100) gets free delivery and a free sample. All members also get access to early sales and access to new products before release.

Ok onto the balm, Ive been using over the last 3 weeks and have found it removes my makeup really well with no irritation around my eyes. The sent is gorg!!! It smells like a sweet like a sugar dummy (this could very well be just my opinion!!!)  The oat pieces are very soft and fine, they would not scratch at the skin and do not cause any irritation around my eyes.
One of my favourite parts about this balm is it does not turn into a milk, this does my fruit in when you add water and the product is dripping more down my arms than cleansing my face! Well this does not happen. I apply dry massage it in for around a minute then add water to work it in a little more. 
This cleanser I would say is great for all skin types. Its completely natural (yes you heard me right 100%) and with the oil content it would work well on more mature skins as it will not drag it around being rich in oil. 
My skin is left smooth and soft no left over residue from the balm as I sometimes get from my champeneys balm.

Im really impressed with the price of this balm at £20 (a good £15 less than Emma Hardies equivalent!) 
You can still find it on offers at waitrose with sometimes up to a third off! 

Next we have the Balance Me Pure Face Wash. Now this one I received when I brought yet another copy of this months Glamour Magazine! I have been using for nearly two weeks and have really enjoyed using this along side the balm. This wash I have found great for a morning wash as it does not really hit the grade on the same level as the balm for makeup removal. This does not irritate my eyes at all when cleansing over them which from the sent I thought it would. This was also has moringa oil rich in anti toxins, also found in the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm. 
This cleanser smells more citrus and awakening so works really well as a morning cleanser for me. It feels refreshing on my skin and perks it up for the day ahead. 
The cleanser comes out as a cream and i work into the skin before adding any water. Once it starts to feel as if its drying out I add some water to emulsify and then again as per norm' remove with a flannel.

Final note these cleansers are both great and a touch of luxury in your bath room as well as looking great externally internally they really are fantastic with no hidden nasties just lovely rich ingredients.
I am now going to venture forth and start looking at my other skincare options from balance me. 

Any suggestions? 


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