Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Rimmel Apocalips Review

Thought it was time to bring the reviews back to makeup and these are little gems that have taken pride place in my make up since January. Time for Rimmel Apocalips to take the spotlight......

Firstly the formula of these lip glosses is fabulous! For a high street brand Rimmel really hit the nail on the head for pigment levels as well as a creamy application.
The lacquer lasts well but to wind up all over what ever glass you are drinking out of and your children's faces when they come in for a cuddle!!!
The finish is glossy but not sticky or tacky in any way. Just a creamy moisturising feel. 

The Apocalips range has a really good variety of both brights and nudes and have just expanded there collection further (time for a shop?) 
These do have a cucumber like sent so could be part of the reason I keep coming back to them in this weather!

To apply these I would suggest the wand is wiped on the tube before applying directly to the lips.  Much of the product just winds up all over the place!

Another good tip for this product would be to apply concealer around the edge of the lips. I find it prevents the colour bleeding, highly likely in the current heat wave we are having.

left to right. Luna, Apocaliptic, Galaxy and Stella.

Rimmel Apocalips are priced at just £5.99 and more often than not can be found in a 3 for 2 offer. I would say the staple colour for me is Apocaliptic a bright pink that will sit with most skin tones.

Final note if you do enjoy wearing these high colour lacquers as much as me, check your teeth before you leave the house!!! That is all.....


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