Friday, 12 July 2013

Freebie Friday...... REN Skincare Set Free With Red Magazine.

Freebie Friday..... Well this has to be one of the best freebies Ive seen with a magazine in some time. The REN 3 piece holiday skincare set.
REN are becoming really well known for their cleansers this year with many a blogger mentioning the brand at some point during 2013. 
This gift contains 3 minis of popular products from the brand. Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Gel 15ml, Vita-Mineral Day Cream 10ml and Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream 3ml. 
These are fantastic products to introduce you to the brand, with all of the products feeling like a little piece of luxury in your bathroom.
This is also a great little set to take away with you (hence the name), the items also come in a resealable bag making great for travel with no nasty leaks getting all over you itsy bitsy.

So then a little bit about REN.....
Well they are a company that pride themselves in being free of all the nasties such as parabens, sulphates and mineral oils. 
They began in 2000 and has became a cult favourite of many department stores and beauty editors alike. 
REN sum their selves up in 3 words, Performance, Purity and Pleasure. I like it!

A bit about the products.....
The Rosa Cleansing Gel is for normal skin, when testing this cleanser I found it removed a days graft (full face of makeup) easily. There was no foaming when water added just a smooth slippery surface that smelt like a heavenly rose sent. I was also able to take over my eye area with no stinging or tight feeling afterwards.

Vita-Mineral Day Cream, another product for normal skins. This moisturiser I found went well into my skin, left it looking alot less dehydrated and had more of a matt finish to it when fully absorbed. I did not find it lead to more oil during the day and the fine lines around my mouth were alot less noticeable after 2 days use. Caused me no irruption or further breakouts as a result.

Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream felt like silk on my skin. Was a little heavy for my skin type so I used on alternative nights. I was not overly fond of this sent however it was not heavy or overpowering in any way.

Should you take it on holiday? YES! Why? Its a fantastic little set to try the brand out, if you were not going on holiday I would still say try it out. for a magazine thats £4 and a good read this is more than just a fab extra! 


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