Monday, 29 July 2013

Hero Products.......... Naked Basics Palette

The hype of this MUST HAVE palette appears to now be over and for many of its original lovers there is now dust settling on its small, simple, understated casing.

This has to be by far the most used eyeshadow palette I own. I love matte every day looks that are more low key and natural for my day to day life.
This is the go to for a few different looks and I find I can get more than just the use of layering my eye lids with this.

To begin with it would not be a review without the low down on the shades.....

(left to right) Venus, is the only shade with a hint of shimmer most suited for highlighting under your brows or the inner corner of your eyes to open them up. I do also tend to put this shade on the centre of my lid to give a pop to my finalised look.

Foxy is a neutral yellow undertone shade. This colour is great for neutralising any redness on the lid it brightens without any shimmer, is highly pigmented and blends amazingly well.

WOS or "Walk Of Shame" again is a neutral shade but has more of a pink undertone. Again has great brightening properties whilst maintaining a matte finish. 

Naked 2, a very light brown, I have also used this as a general contour when traveling with small amounts of space. It has a tan colour with ever  slight grey undertone I find perfect for detailing my crease. This blends so well like all the shade in this palette to give a soft line free finish.

Faint Again has double use for me. I can use this as a brow colour also. This is a mid brown excellent for taking deep into the eye socket for a more striking look compared with Naked 2 or of the edges of the eye lid for extra definition to the over all look.

Crave, very highly pigmented compared with the already well pigmented shades included in this set. a nearly black heading towards a carbon colour.
I find is great for lining the eye for a softer look compared with using an eyeliner. This shade also packs a great smoky eye when teamed with venus, perfect for office to bar!  

So to conclude this review, I have to say for a palette that looks so simple, flat and maybe even boring to some. It really knows how to give some great looks with quality pigmentation and clever shade choices to suit.
For a mummy like myself surviving on bed at sunrise and back up to start the day within the hour shimmer shades can really add to that had no sleep look! (which im praying is going to be "in" this Autumn/Winter)  The palette correct, defines and softens your look for the day.

 If I had a hall of fame (maybe post lottery win im planning on any day now) this would take a proud place for me!



  1. Want this palette so bad! Urban Decay, why u so expensive? :) Well obvs cause its amazing! :)

    Nice review by the way!

    1. Thanks for the comment, In their defence for price still cheaper than mac and so much better to work with too LOL!!

      The closest to this ive come to a budget buy is an Avon one,

      The shade selection of mocha latte, they are really blendable and or though 2 of them have a shimmer is not over powering. The colours also sit really well together xXx