Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hospital Bag for Kate....... 5 useful things to take along.

With the Royal baby now with us and a future king none the less. I cant help but reminisce on my own births with my two children. Kara is only one now so was not so long ago for me.
That crazy time when your whole world has changed, no sleep, spit up in your hair and getting excited over a bit of wind that could be possibly causing your bundle of joys first smile. 

Right now rewind back around three months, your bigger than you ever expected, bored and really excited with a hint of worry about whats around the corner. 
My first birth with my son Ethan I spent months of preparation arranging the perfect hospital bag. I took everything by the kitchen sink including straighteners and a complete copy of my make up bag! Not to mention the toiletries!

With Kara last april I really reduced my packing down to what I really needed. In the time between having my son and having my daughter my world had changed along with the amount of things I needed on my face to get through a day. The packing was easier to get right this time round.

So after two wonderful hospital stays this is what I would recommend Kate to of had in her bag.
Im not going to into all the clothes and nipple pads, just sticking to the things that will help make you feel a little more like you.

1) Nipple Cream, believe me you need this! this is also such a great multitasker, I used Lanoish which I have used as almost a dupe to Elizabeth Ardens 8 hour Cream. Will help with everything from chapped lips (likely if you had gas and air) to dry knees from being bent over the bed. 

2) Dont bother with a bag full of your favourite toiletries as minis, your baby wants to smell you not your local boots (which believe me they will soon get to know whilst you are on maternity leave) 
With my second I shared with her. So some baby shampoo and Johnson's top to tail wash. To remove your makeup dont take wipes baby wipes are just as good if you really have to use one!

3) Hand sanitizer, dont think I really need to go into this. But also useful for wiping down surfaces with the hand towels out of the bathroom. Note, post baby YOU WILL BECOME A GERMAPHOBE! for anything within 50 feet of your wonderful bundle of joy!

4) BB cream, a cheek stain and waterproof mascara, you are going to cry over the next few days ALOT be it tears of joy or baby blues it happens to us all. BB cream will double as your moisturiser and cheek stain will out last any powder or cream blush. 

5)  Hair brush, with hair bands and hair grips. With all the sweating you are going to do, you do not want your hair getting the in way. Post birth tip, you will not have time to use hair straighteners for at least three months! 

Now Kate will most likely have a hair dresser go in and make her look amazing before she leaves the hospital but hey for the rest of us we can pack into one bag only! (hopefully) 

For a full list of what you would need in hospital for you and baby I found this one from the boots website, really handy if you like to tick off along the way.

And finally congratulations to Will and Kate!!! And welcome to the world on nappies and baby grows! 


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