Friday, 19 July 2013

My top 10 Makeup tools.

Some of these items have a good 10 years hard work o justify there position here, some were replaced as the previous was run to the ground and some items are new but im my lifetime I have found nothing better.

Enter my makeup tool heros.....

Starting in a very classic place im going to go with my tweezerman tweezers. I have been using tweezerman's since I as 18. I have replaced the pair I owned twice over (yes I know they offer a life time sharpening but you didn't see the rest of it!)
I tried other brands, ive tried the one with the light in and nothing seem to cut it the same. Some brands tweezers close wonky so you have to squeeze down really hard to pull a hair out, catch your skin and you know about it. some are so sharp around the edges that you feel like you are scratching your face! The light up ones? Well, a LED light in a tweezer lights bugger all!!!
I will be sticking with my trusty tweezermans for my lifetime!

Next up it the Real Techniques contour brush, now I know everyone is madly in love with the buffing brush and trust me I would not be without mine but this brush is irreplaceable. (unless replaced with a duplicate!) The buffing brush in an hour of need can be replaced with my fingers for a pretty seam free finish (skills!) but nothing provides me with a supermodels (or as close as im going to get) cheekbones like this mighty fine specimen. 
If need be you could use for contour, blush and highlight.
There as never been a brush that fits under my cheek bones like it or goes along the side of my nose without providing shadow in unnecessary areas.

Now my Shu Uemura eyelash curlers, these bad boys need to be in every girls arsenal. 
Ive been asked what makes these better than the rest? Well they were designed by the world famous Kelvin Auccon. They have never EVER let me down. I own the same pair that I brought 5 years ago. Im still on the same rubber insert (they come with two) and they are the most sturdy, well supported curlers ive ever used. Not to mention there's something about the shape of the head. (you say what now?) The shape seems to fan the lashes out better than a cheap lash curler. They also curl all the lashes at the same point throughout, where as some cheap lash curlers have the inner part of your lashes curled at the route and the outer curled more towards the tip. Not a good look!

Q tips, nothing says multitasking in your makeup bag like these smudging, removing, tidying, applying, handy, disposable tools!

A sharpener, Ill be honest no brand here,but I did purchase from a stationary shop. The cosmetics companies have all broken or gone missing at some point so for now these are my staple.

My Real Techniques Multi tasking Brush, says alot! I use this for powder, bronzer and the occasional blush if im going to a soft apple look. 
Never shed, always blended amazingly well and dry's like a dream post cleaning. Which leads me on to the next on my list.

Baby shampoo,its the best for cleaning my brushes does not destroy the bristles and smells lovely. (Always reminds me of my little ones being tiny) If I have a really dirty brush, im talking I forgot to clean my foundation brush for alot longer than I should of a bit of olive oil worked in first works wonders to break it up!

Vaseline, from chapped lips to a brow tamer. I would not be without this. The fact it prevents me dying my face when doing my roots is a mega bonus! 

MAC 217 eyeshadow brush, nuff said!

Finally..... And I can tell you Ive pondered over what should be the final on my list for a good hour. Kirby grips. The get your fringe out the way for makeup application, hold you hair in place when styling. Ive got them all over the house a large number in the bathroom for when I wash my face. In the last 12 months they have also become a great tool for nail art. 

So thats it my list complete. What would be in yours? 



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