Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Hero Product....... Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Review.

This little bad boy has been in my makeup arsenal for at least 8 years now, it is to me the creme de la creme of concealer and for a nasty blemish there is nothing that covers and stays putto this level.

I remember the reason I decided to by this at a partially bad breakout stage towards the end of my teens. I had seen it was an item Sarah Jessica Parker could not live without in a magazine and thought this could be a live changer, as I did with anything I would by back then!

When it came to paying out for this a product, the first purchase back then was a REAL TREAT. Every purchase of it (and there has not been many with how long it lasts) have been a necessity! At £25 your purse it quite a bit lighter however this concealer outlasts the best of them! I think ive only had to by 1 per year or maybe even less than that! 

Usage of this product I do tend to stick to applying over blemishes but when I caught out on a partially bad day I do sometimes use this mixing the right side with some eye cream as the formula can cake and sit a little to heavily on the eye area for my liking. (I would like to think i was the one who originally invented BB concealer many years before it came out!) 

There are two shades one is to mimic the undertone of your skin, the other to create the depth of the colour you want to create. 
I apply directly to blemishes with the brush made for this product. I could use another its not anything amazing but does the job well and is very on the ball. 

Using this brush I take pigment from either side of the pan and mix together on the back of my hand until the colour is well blended. I do this for two reasons, first being the product is quite dry using my hand helps heat the product ensuring it applies well on the skin. The second is to help create the right shade and using my hand helps me create the right colour which in turn makes it alot less detectable on the eye. 

With some good blending this can really help to create flawless looking skin and as a final note the plastic packaging with a mirror helps make this product very portable for on the go! 

A product I hope I will never, ever, ever (and one more for good measure) EVER! be without! 


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