Thursday, 8 August 2013

Balance Me Radiance Oil Review......

Ive done it again....... I made another investment off the back of Caroline Hirons review. By now it is no secret that I have oily skin and reading after reading her review on Balance Me Cleansing Balm there was an extra at the end mentioning this oil.

I decided to buy the roller ball, value for money would say to go with the larger size but being unsure of whether this product will work for me and the small problem I have of getting oil everywhere when I try to apply it to my face I thought a roller ball could be a good idea.

Again this is another all natural product from Balance Me it boasts the use of Amazonian buruti, moringa and camellia oils. In turn this is claimed to be great for all skin types.
I tend to only apply on the evening as I become to slippy in the day with makeup. I dont always use a moisturiser over the top of this as the description claims it is a more intense treat when used alone.

The roller ball is a great idea. Makes the product much more portable, easy to use and great for a first purchase to try the oil before purchasing the full size.

On Caroline Hirons recommendation on using over spots. This does bring up little yellow heads in the morning. I have a good pick (yack!) and they heal swiftly. However I have found the deep under skin ones show no improvement or impact but then nothing ever has for me! 

Worth the investment? YES! My skin feels plump and fresh in the morning after application. I love the roller ball but will by the bigger size next time (I think i can open 
it up to reuse anyway but possibly a very messy job!!)


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