Friday, 9 August 2013

My Blogroll.

Originally I as a big fan of reading other peoples blogs other than creating my own. It began with a couple and soon turned into a daily addiction off keeping up with the latest this and that or getting tips for daily life. 
I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of where my inspiration came from for anyone who is interested in a little more light reading.
So here are my top 5 bloggers you provide me with my daily reading anywhere and everywhere (with the bloglovin app on my phone of course!)

1) First up my holy grail of blogs a lady who is part of three generations of pure skincare wisdom Caroline Hirons and her blog 'The Beauty Mouth."

2) Next is Ruth Crilly a model who also has a great brain! With insider knowledge of the behind the scene of the catwalk and a great personality that really makes her blog stand out to me. This is a great guilty pleasure read of mine for all the things I want but cant have! "AModel Recommends."

3) These two sisters are one of my all time favourite reads and they also have a you tube Channel the "Pixiwoo" sisters Sam and Nikki. I love that they will replicate celebrity looks for us novices to try out at home and Sam created the best line of makeup brushes I have ever used in my life! 

4) Lisa Eldridge for anyone who does not know she is a world renown makeup artist. Lisa has achieved everything in the makeup business. She has appeared on popular TV shows such as This Morning in a regular segment to helping recreate the No 7 branding at Boots creating the style and formulas we purchase today. (The nude lip liner was a complete creation of hers and a fab purchase for anyone to make) Her series of how to select the right foundation on her blog is amazing. A must read for any makeup lover like myself!

5) Last but not least "The Sunday Girl" this blog has regular updates of the latest new piece of skincare or makeup on the market. I also love that she has the same skin type as me and a fair few purchases have been made off the back of her reviews and opinions. Chances as you are looking for a review on something fairly popular, this blog will pop up in the search engine at some point.

So there we have it, my top 5 blogs. Do you have a top 5 list? What are yours? 


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