Saturday, 10 August 2013

Great For Baby, Great For You. 5 items great for both mum and baby.

Whilst I was pregnant with my second baby I found I became over sensitive to everything I loved in my bathroom. Lucky Ethan my son was only just 1 so I was still using many baby items for his skin which in turn became my toiletries to.
Even Bio Oil would bring me out in little lumps on my tummy. Not a good look!

I was having a chat with a couple of friends on the benefits of having children and one of those benefits for me was discovering toiletries I would never of purchased if I did not have children. (there are many OTHER benefits of having children, this one just stayed with me for blogging purposes!!!)

1) Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter, one of the best kept secrets many of us mums have! I have used this on my face when it went on the dry side during pregnancy and find it to be a great hand cream now. I spend time massaging it into my cuticles and giving my hands a good rub. My hands really are as soft as a babies bottom and I have very strong nails for it to.

2) Baby Shampoo, well this is pretty obvious of its use. I find it can be great for when you want to have a product free day. I will wash and repeat with baby shampoo for a great squeaky clean. Baby Shampoo is also fabulous for cleaning makeup brushes too.

3) Cotton Buds, great for baby to help get into all those little places in the early days. Great for mum as a smudging tool for eyeshadow,  applied with some moisturiser on the end can clean up messy edges (I find Cleanser or Micellar Waters strip all makeup off the skin where as a moisturiser will just take the top layer. You can re blend the area)

4) Baby Oil, When pregnant I used to love rubbing this into my very big belly whilst still on the bath. As I was relaxed both children would start having a good kick about so it was a nice bit of bonding time (pre birth?) and when I got out the bath it was one less thing to butter up! Baby oil was also fab for a bit of baby massage when the kids came along . Was great for bonding and colic

5) Nipple Cream, seriously I harp on about this to everyone who will listen. Lanoish is basically my Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream with less of the nasties! I have used this for my dry skin patches, lips, even over the top of my eyeshadow for a glossy finish (be warned it can settle in the creases with to much product) When I had Kara and finally got  breastfeeding was down to a fine art I found I had a large amount of this lying around. I did not realise just how little you need. I think Ill still be finishing it off when she is ready to leave home! This is also useful for dry patches on baby and as a barrier for nappy rash.

So this post was my top products for both mum and baby. Have any other mums got any uses for baby products? Any unusual ones? 


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