Friday, 16 August 2013

Nailed it!

So I think ive got it down to a fine art now..... looking after my hands that is!

With the washing up that piles up, bathing the children, cleaning, I could go on and on. My hands really take a beating everyday yet these are the same instruments that like to type up my posts, stroke my children's beautiful faces and the occasional game on the Xbox!
With this in mind they need the upmost care themselves.

Ive not got the time to be completing complex treatments, sitting watching the TV in crisp white gloves and avoiding touching anything that will give me damp skin. I have a couple of little tweaks that work for me and here is how I keep my hands in tip top shape.

My hero products for hands!

I cut my nails weekly, I do it it when I cut my children's. The nail scissors are already out so no excuses. This goes without saying for filing to.

For removing and applying nail varnish I do this when the children are in bed. No matter how I try to do it........  kids = smudged nails!
I do find that no matter what colour I put on as long as I have a base coat and my trusty Seche Vite Topcoat I have lovely looking nails for a good three to four days!

If I have the extra time I like to buff my nails for a smoother surface and then I push my cuticles back and massage in some oil. I dont buy a special cuticle oil. I use the massage oil I have for Kara's skin and that works a treat for my fingers.

Finally the item that makes a hugh difference to the way my hands look and feel Hand Food by Soap and Glory.
Ive been using this for years. I used to keep it on my desk at work, a mini in my handbag and now as a stay at home mum the prime place to remind me to butter up. On the kitchen sink!

It took some time to get the perfect place at home ill admit. The bathroom? useless i forget its there.

My bed side cabinet, it gets removed by little hands and im off on a journey just south of Narnia to locate my missing treasure!
In the living room? I rarely get to drink a whole cup of tea there let along look after my talons!
Nooope, the kitchen is prime place after washing up, trust me try it out!


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