Tuesday, 24 September 2013

ItchEZE Spray Review.

I recently received a bottle of ITCHeze spray to trial as both myself and Daughter suffer with Eczema and prickly heat.

This is product that is relatively new to me, I have not seen a product on the market before that specialises with dealing with itching, one of the worst side affects of many things from insect bites to dry skin conditions.

In hindsight if this product is affective it should be a family favourite as one of the thing you really cant stop a child from doing is scratching. (Covering them in bandages aside!) 

This formula I found was sent free, easily absorbed and didn't leave a residue behind. I found layering the product had no affect on performance either.

Well I was able to test this out pretty quickly after Kara got a patch of eczema behind her knee which was really irritating her and yes it did work it also appeared to reduce the inflammation. The other great thing about was Kara has really sensitive skin and the smallest irritant makes her flare up much worse almost instantly. This product did not cause any reaction on my 17 month old what so ever!!! 
I did pair it up regularly with her regular moisturiser and I found this did not affect the healing time or absorption of either product.

Last week Ethan began Pre School and for some unknown reason he developed hives on his back and neck. He has never had these before and he was itching like crazy. I first gave him a bath with E45 bath ointment  to ensure if there was something still on his skin it was removed and straight after applied this spray. This could be just a coincidence but within an hour and half they were gone and they have not returned since luckily. Ethan did not itch at all after this spray was applied and rubbed in.

The science behind this product is very clever, using something called "osmocare" the spray draws water from the inner layer of the skin to the surface. This helps to reduce the itch scratch cycle which if you watch embarrassing bodies as often as I do you will know this is not a good look!

This product has been swiftly moved to our first aid box and will be repurchased once finished!!!
I have been really impressed with the results it provided for my children and Ive already suggested this to a couple of friends who's children have had prickly heat with the warm weather we were still getting at the end of summer. Also to be noted this product is safe to use on children as young as 6 months which is great for keeping to hand in warmer weather.

Have you tried ITCHeze spray? Do you have any itching cures of your own? 


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