Saturday, 5 October 2013

Maybelline Brow Drama Review.

Firstly I am going to own up to being fairly "cheap" when it comes to my brows. Yes I like to tame the caterpillars but Im never going to to go crazy spending as much money to define a small amount of crazy hair as I am say a foundation.

My normal go to would be a clear mascara that I would apply over the top of filling in my brows with either a pencil or brow cake. This causes major set backs as I've found. The shape of the brush. A mascara wand becomes much more narrow at the end so you either are applying the product at almost a right angle to your face preventing just scrapping the wand against the skin. (hence clear formulation for those accidents) Or you wind up with a big clump that gathers on the wand on your brow for some a questionable boogie!! (really did I have to go there?) 

Now this is where I call in the Maybelline's new offering of Brow Drama. £4.99 is in my price range and it is quite shocking that there really is no other competition on the high street to rival this product.
So I cant really hammer on about mascara wands then not explain this one. To look at I find it a little bear large gaps in between bristles and I dont see much product sat in them. But does it work? Hell yeah! 
You can hold the wand at a natural angle as the end of the wand bulges out. The gel coats the lashes just enough to tame and control the direction you want them to be heading in and it adds just a little thickness to the brow hair so with someone with a fairly decent set of brows this may be all you need to fill in gaps. 
I apply in the morning and by evening I still have a fairly tame finish so I have to say this really does impress me.

The only thing a newbie would need to get to grips with is the pressure to apply when using this wand. For many girlies after years of really pushing those bristles into lashes it can be all to easy to do the same with the brow. A little flick over the hair is all you need. Apply a second coat if you want to bush them out some more. 

Have you tried the new Brow Drama? 



  1. I really want to try this but the colour is putting me off, it looks really light for my dark brown brows :(


  2. there is also dark brown that was quite a bit darker than this one so could be worth a look still if cruising the make up aisles xXx