Sunday, 10 November 2013

Life Update.

Well this is going to be one of those uncomfortable posts where im not really sure what to write or even how to word it. 
I've not done any updates this past few weeks as my family have had some news about our son as he has been diagnosed with Autism. 

Im not going to ramble on to much but basically this time ive been using to do as much research as i can and to learn to understand his condition. 
I have to say I now see the whole world in a different light. Its almost like ive woken up one morning in a complete different universe. Some people could say thats a bit OTT but if you really have learnt about Autism and try (even though I will not fully understand his needs till he can explain himself when he is older) to look at the world through their eyes it really is a much different place to the one I have known and taken for granted. With myself learning to understand my son and his condition has changed his behaviour already. And for the better! 

I spent alot of time trying to justify his behaviour to others. I now no longer feel the need to. 
We have spent alot of time at home because it was just to difficult some days to leave and now we are going for walks together where he is saying "morning" to everyone he meets (even if it is afternoon!) 

But as a final note my news has not altered of affected my love of beauty so I better get cracking with that MAC palette post I have been itching to do!


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