Friday, 13 June 2014

When Lynsey met the Charlotte Tilbury Stand London.

I live in Birmingham and there is now a stand in Selfridges here however the week before it was revealed I finally took myself down to London to visit the stand. I was not disappointed the wonderful guy who did my makeup Sergio was properly the most professional makeup artist I have seen at a makeup counter but at the same time made you feel completely at ease. 

The brushes were a must, they were on the "wish list" from the moment the range was released. They also feel great on the skin. The eye smudger brush works really well with any shadow for smoking and softening a look. Prior to this brush I was a fan of the MAC 219 however it can be a little scratchy on the skin. 
The powder and sculpt brush is just beautiful and fits in the contour areas of the face like it was made just for me. I used the Real Techniques Contour brush before this and loved it but now I have not picked it up for the use of contouring since this purchase.

I also went for the Vintage Vamp look when it came to products and or though I was tempted to just buy the full set I walked away with the eyeshadow quad. 

The eyeshadow quad in its self is amazing, highly pigmented and this particular set makes the green in my eyes pop especially when applied more heavily for the evening. Buttery, blendable very hard to go wrong if you follow her guidelines or watch one of the videos she placed on youtube of the looks .

Charlotte also provides you on the rear of the palette the information of how to use the colours. Prime, Enhance, Smoke and Disco. Which is designed to help you move your look from desk to disco. (I may be the only one who has no disco to go to lol!)
The one thing I do find with the burgundy eyeshadows however is you can look like you have been smacked in both eyes. I find using a black Kohl takes smacked eye syndrome away. I tried brown liner but it just was not strong enough to keep the eyes from looking bruised in places.

The experience in the Selfridges Beauty Hall in Oxford Street was fabulous. The stand was set out perfectly and there was a model in the full Dolce Vita look which was very inspiring.

Sergio gave me some great tips for using the palette and also a couple of tips with my general look. (Once I told him im a fan of the Charlotte Tilbury Blog it was like talking to an old friend) 
I was also provided with a sample of Charlottes magic cream. Its really good. For me not so much under makeup. But when your skin is feeling like its been through the mill this puts life and hydration back into the skin.

So where from here? Well im over the moon I have a local Tilbury stand now and will be regularly returning to see what tickles my fancy.


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