Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Dr Nick Lowe Anti Blemish Glossybox

Dr Nick Lowes Anti Blemish Glossybox

This morning I have received the special Glossybox Flash Box. I placed the order last week after receiving an email from Glossybox advertising this and an Anti Age box.

Well its obviously to soon to give a full review of this set. I am going to try it out for a good four weeks and report back.

Included in the box is the "Purifying Foaming Cleanser" full size 150ml value £10.49 it claims to be gentle and effective without disturbing the natural moisture levels. I tried it out this morning and I did not find it left my skin tight or red at all. The foam was light and felt like it slightly mattified my skin once I dried it.

There is the full size "Oil Control Day Cream" 50ml value £15.49 this claims to reduce surface oils pores and refine the skins texture. On the packaging it also states 89% of users saw a reduction in their pores (got to be a plus!)
When I tried this out this morning the cream appears alot more rich compared the the moisturisers i tend to use. Ive not put any makeup on today but its been around 5 hours and ive completed a fair amount of house work and rein acted Kung Foo Panda with Ethan and I cant feel any oil on my face so I think I could really grow to like this.

And finally there is a full size "Anti Blemish Spot Gel" retails £9.49 for 15ml. This advises it has targeted instant action! Ive not seen any difference in my brand new larger than boils that I discovered this morning however, they dont feel as angry or tender as they usually would. 

So to round up im impressed with this box, if I had popped into boots I would of paid £35.47 and these have not been included in the current boots 3 for 2 offer so that would of been the paid price. Also I would not of received it beautifully packaged including a Dr Nick Lowe box!
I paid a total of £12.95 (includes p + p) a grand saving of £22.52!!!! If you have blemishes and thinking of trying something new from just first impressions I suggest to give this ago before they sell out!


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