Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Balance Me Rose Otto Review - Eczema

Balance Me Rose Otto Review - Eczema  

Both myself and my 14 month daughter get eczema, my daughter gets it much worse than myself with regular trips to the doctor to keep it under control. I can not tell you the full amount of different products we have tried over the past few months to get her skin under control and to be honest on a bad day it has just appeared as if we have got nowhere.

Last week browsing Facebook I stubbled across a blog post from balance me talking about the success story of baby Oliver and how balance me products were able to clear up his skin. (read blog post here) and I was very surprised that balance me advised the mother to try out these products on a baby.
Well I had a think about it, they have no nasties in their products, there of a very high natural origin and Ive only heard good things about them.

So the next day I popped to waitrose and made my first Balance Me purchase. I brought the Rose Otto body wash and the Rose Otto balm.
The next couple of days I used it on myself and my daughter twice a day, Kara does tend to have her creams applied more often so I was alternating using the current prescribed cream with the balm. 

The shower gel is that of a normal shower gel for the way it looks, it foams up well and washing off leaving you feeling squeaky clean.
The balm as you can see in the picture above is a yellow waxy colour with a hard waxy texture that melts as you warm it up in your hands and leaves my skin feeling much less thirsty. It also absorbs in better than i thought it would, it does not leave a really slimy surface that rubs off on everything afterwards.

The Results...
I am not flaring up myself at the moment so I saw no affect on any eczema however I did notice a difference in my skin. The bumpy patches of dry skin I have are gone and if you were to try to pinch the top of my arm you would literally just slip off me.
Kara's results? well I have to say they are nothing short of amazing!! The flared up eczema on the inside of her elbows and knees has all but gone and her skin is looking great! All her dry patches are looking much better and there is just really the top of her back now where she has been itching that still looks a little inflamed.
I have to say I was a little unsure of using on Kara to begin with as the sent is quite strong in the product.I just had to keep reminding myself that this natural and not full on nasties that would normally bring her out pretty bad!

Finally I really should not complete this review without at least commenting on the sent. Its heavenly! A fabulous rose sent with no hint of Turkish Delight at all (thank god!) 
My husband commented that it was nicer than wearing a perfume as its not to heavy but it lasts some time during the day.
Ive really enjoyed using this product and im so happy with the results for Kara, looks like Rose Otto is here to stay in the Pink-Blush bathroom!!


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