Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunday blogging: 5 Other Awesome Uses For Primer.

Sunday blogging: 5 Other Awesome Uses For Primers.

Primer, its been on the market for quite some time now and yet many people still do give it a whirl. I asked my sister why she does not own any and she replied "Why bother spending money on something you dont see." To which my response was "Well I dont see your eyeshadow after a couple of hours so maybe it could be worth the investment!" 

Over the years I have gotten so much more out of my eye primer than the reason of sale, I find it a true multi tasking product and thought it was high time I share what appears to be a secret with you.

1, I have terrible dark circles under my eyes and what is even more terrible about this is every concealer I use tends to settle in my creases no matter what the promise or price tag. I find that if after applying foundation I put the tiniest amount just in the area of the creases I do not get this problem at all. The best eyeshadow primer I have used for this is Urban Decay in eden as it has a natural matt look with no shimmery undertones.

2, Due to having oily skin I see many breakouts on my face. If I have a large angry spot in a prime place such as my chin or fore head I will put a layer of primer on before my concealer and set it with powder. All day long spot coverage even when you skin gets more oily!

3, Depending on the primers consistency you can also find in your hands a great mixing medium that will last the whole night,I used to sometimes do face art for nights out and fancy dress events and all the sweaty hugs from mates would never destroy my look. A great one for this is Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance.

4, A hydrating or silicone based primer can be a great frizz tamer for hair, the affects may be temporary but if your caught out and its in your handbag FANTASTIC!

5, A primer can be a great highlighter. You can buy loads of primers now that have a shimmer in them or mix with a powder or pigment for a glosser glow.

Finally for ladies out there with dryer skin a chaffing gel could be your best bet! They tend to be half the price of a good primer for dryer skins and are made to not affect sensitive skins, so a dry sensitive type could really benefit from using this as an alternative. They can also help reduce redness over time with regular wear! A good one ive seen many an art rave about is Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief.

Hope this has been useful, what other uses can you find for primers? 


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