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Birchbox June 2013 Review.

Birchbox June 2013 Review

This month Birchbox have revamped their look. Im glad more then anything that have kept there mag. Where I love to keep up to date online I do love to have a nice glossy in front of me on an evening with a coffee when the kids have settled down for the evening.

This month though I was not as impressed as in previous months with the magazine. I like to read about the reason the item has been selected for box, the company values and maybe a little interview with the creator/CEO.
This month was alot more about advertising the products you didn't get in your box and where the "theme" (yes it took that far into this review to mention as it does not stand out with the box) is "Festival Chic" I was not feeling at all!
I did like the postcard from around the world though I thought that was quite querky! 

In my previous years of festival going (a while back now)  in my bag there was dry hair shampoo, mascara, wet wipes, toilet tissue and ow yes plenty of alcohol!!! I think really there are 2 items that would make the cut, the others have no purpose to me at a festival.

In my box this month there was "Beauty Protector, Protect and Detangle" and from all the reviews ive seen on this items the main use is heat defence.... Now where in my tent is that plug socket for my straighteners again?
The smell is lovely, a sweet but not sickly sent. I did not find it detangled my hair but I did find useful when straightening my hair. I think this would be better suited for a holiday bag, a good size sample and I did like there were no nasties in the ingredients (even scalps can get bad skin days!)

Next is 2 different colours of nail varnish both very on trend "Mod In Manhattan" a nearly white nude with a pink under tone and "London Calling" a mint colour that has a sharp neon streak to it (I quite like this colour!)
But really again as someone who has been to many festivals there really is not much time to paint nails and if there were you would not be sober for it.
Also it has already chipped in a few places (not making it a day on my nails) so you could not really do before you go to a festival as it would be chipped before you have arrived! I also found you need around 3 coats of the nail varnish to not get your nail showing through.

A useful item is "Green People Sun Lotion SPF15"
Now this is a brand I would of liked to of known a little more about in the mag this month. I am aware they are organic and fair trade but thats it..... Tell me more Birchbox!  (but again at a festival british weather and sleep in the day who needs sun screen? LOL)

The makeup item this month is "Model Co Eye Define Eye Pencil" A great handy item for a festival, you can do quite a few looks with a black liner and does not take up to much room. This I would of put in my festival bag.
The formula to this is creamy goes onto the skin well. I really like it has a fitted sharpener as I can never seem to find mine and is very handy if you are say at a festival!
The liner smudges well but also sets so appears to have some good staying power by what I have seen when wearing today.

Finally there is "Carole Franck, Fluide Fraicheur Phyto-Hydrant" Birchbox stats this a multi purpose product that doubles as a primer under makeup. I tried today and my makeup stayed put for around 30/40 minutes until I was picking my daughter up to go out. I have oily skin yes, but my makeup never ends up smudged all over my daughters clothes on a normal day! I would say would be better suited to drier skins.
Again this brand Ive never really heard much about and would liked to of know more. A picture and a quick selling pitch is not going to help sell the brand to me!

All in all this box has really helped me remember on my teenage days and my love of metal but did not really inspire me to continue my subscription with Birchbox. None of these products have wowed me or made me want to purchase the full size versions.

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