Friday, 14 June 2013

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo review.

La Roche Posay Duo Review.

I've had a couple of bad months with my skin and I mean REALLY bad months. After just turning 28 and after having two young Padawans I never thought id be flaring up to the level I have done. Its been a mix of things for me ending breastfeeding my daughter, starting to take the mini pill (I was on a pill called Dianette for acne before the children) and to be honest general stress. 

Over the last few months ive tried a few things to help my skin clear, ending my long life passion with anything dairy, improving my general diet and trying as many half decent lotions and potions as I could get my hands on. 
Then like the end of a roller coaster when the brakes slam on I find "La Roche Posay Duo" Im talking over night results here! The first night I tried this out before bed around the jaw line of my face I counted 11 decent sized pimples, some that looked like they needed a good squeeze and some that really hurt as soon as you open you mouth to stretch your face.

The following morning I woke to find seven! three of them had just become red marks (and flat ones at that) The next night after using the spots that had been really painful and like mini rocks under my skin were a hell of a lot less painful and starting to scab over with all other spots that were left dry and flaky.

So night 3 I use my facial brush before bed to remove any dead skin and in the morning I wake to see even more improvement and my first new spot in 3 days! I would like to add this spot was at the top of my forehead where I had not been applying the cream!

Now today will be night four and Im really wishing id taken pictures before I started this to show its true results but I will tonight and give around two weeks to see the difference in my skin.
My over all sink looks good. Im not talking radient or glowy here but a smoother and much clearer texture. IM HAPPY!

Ow yes and just to be clear im washing with a face balm before bed to remove my make up, I then use the La Roche Posay Effaclar toner, next I use La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo and finally my Dr Nick Lowe Oil Control day cream (yes I know its a day cream but with my flare ups anything richer has just provided me with new spots in the morning.)

The only problem is now im in such a habit of looking around for my next miracle on my 60MPH roller coster that Im not going to know what to do with myself in boots! (Ow yes the makeup aisles!!!) 


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