Thursday, 13 June 2013

Soap And Glory "The righteous body butter" Review

Soap And Glory "The righteous body butter" Review

A staple in my bathroom, a gift that all my friends and family see a a no brainer purchase for me.
The righteous body butter, with its "ORIGINAL PINK SENT" That I personally think is almost identical to the perfume "Miss Dior Cherie" (Gorgeous!!!)

The year this came out I will always remember, my first purchase 2006 not long before christmas. I saw this pretty looking stuff when searching my local boots for the christmas gift guide and decided to make a purchase of a minis set. This set included "Clean on me" shower gel, "Flake Away" body scrub and of course "The righteous Body Butter".

A shower later I was hooked in what can only be described as an addiction, an addiction that if it was ever, EVER taken on the shelves I think would cause an out right meltdown from me (and possible damage to any surrounding areas upon my discovery!!)

Every year since ive received gift after gift of quirky, fun and to be honest great little toilet reads! Soap and  Glory always manage to do great gift sets with a great mix of products!

Well back onto the butter, the quality has ment that my scaly snake like skin becomes as soft as my 14 month daughters, my dry bits (Knees, elbows and maybe the rest of my body depending on the day of the week) only require a little extra attention to smooth them over ready to expose in a nice summery skirt.
The sent is heavenly, clean and does not disappear an hour later, it can be layered well with the "Miss Dior Cherie" Perfume for an all day lasting soft sent.
"Clean On Me" shower gel,"Flake Away" body scrub and the "Calm One Calm All" bubble bath to name but a few also have the same sent so you can enjoy it in the bath or shower as well as when moisturising.

Id just like to thank Soap and Glory, thank you for providing me with such amazing quality products that I dont have to search the earth to find. Thankyou for helping my tight budget stretch to "that treat" and Id like to maybe be the first to suggest the idea of doing a little spin off of "The Righteous Body Butter" With a hit of gradual tan. I think it would be an amazing idea! What the hell you could even have a pic of me with your shower cap on for the jar!!!!  


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