Monday, 1 July 2013

Manic Mondays..... My wind down time

Monday, no matter how I plan, arrange or try to organise my week ahead by the end of the first day I feel exhausted. I understand alot of people find a Sunday bath better, more of a wind down to the end of a weekend but for me I need another one. A MONDAY one!

Ive put the kids in bed had a cup of coffee to keep me awake long enough to keep me awake till around ten thirty and I ready to ease myself into a nice bubbly bath.

Now the first thing I really love is the Radox Muscle Relax soak with Clary Sage. I have been using this since the end of my pregnancy with my daughter. I wanted to help bring on labour but was to scared to just put clary sage oil straight into my bath. I thought this was a good alternative just to provide a small amount for my body. Now I love to use this bubble bath as it always reminds me of carrying my little angel.

I always bring a flannel into the bath. I find the shower scrunches unhygienic as they sit around in your bathroom breeding all sorts in between washes a nice fresh flannel is perfect for a good scrub down.

Ill wash my hair with what ever shampoo is within reach but to condition I always head to Umberto Giannini Indulgent Beauty Moisture Mask. I first received this at christmas from my husband in a Umberto Giannini gift set, since then this has been my go to mask.
I love that this mask is not to heavy for my fine hair and it leaves my hair really shiny and smooth whilst smelling fresh and clean.

My mask of choice for tonight is the No 7 Hydration Mask. Now I am an oily skin chicka but I still get issues with hydration especially on a warm day like today when Ive spent alot of time in the sun with the kids.
This mask I partly buy just because of the way it looks. It looks like spray cream going round the edges of the tube and in the gaps is a clear gel. This mask sits well on my skin, is easy to wash away and does not bring me out in spots (as I can find with a few hydrating masks)

So, Im lying there. The kids are fast asleep. I have my hair mask on and a face mask monday is not my day of scrubbing. I save that for in the shower. Monday is the day for getting hold of a magazine or a good book and lying there till I look like a prune. 
My read of the manic monday bath will be this months cosmo, it came through the door on Saturday. Its still in its wrapper I savoured this baby for tonight my night to CHILL.

Finally Im all prune like and feeling satisfied with my intake of gossip and this months trends. Ill step out of the bath and post drying I will smoother myself in the one and only soap and glory righteous butter. This body lotion can do no wrong in my eyes and with all the time I have spent in the bath and all the oils ive drained out of my wrinkly skin this is the closest I can get to redemption. 
Next up my bedtime routine........


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