Sunday, 7 July 2013

Reducing my sugar intake......eeekkk

Tomorrow marks the first day of attempting to seriously drop my sugar intake. Now Im not over weight nor do I have any health problems to be concerned. But I am concerned that sugar has a knock on affect to my skin.

Its always being advised by dermatologists and doctors alike but, I am usually reading this stuff on an evening with a sugar filled cuppa and a crunchie in hand browsing on the laptop.

Ive read the affects of my sugar drop will only last around 3 days and I will start to feel much better but is it wrong that I an worried about taking this step? 
Sugar keeps me going after about 3/4 hours sleep with Kara is keeping me up teething.
Sugar gives me that guilty pleasure in the afternoon if both the kids manage to nap at the same time. 

Well Im going to go for it, Im only going to commit myself to a week that way it does not feel like an arm is being cut off and Im going to see how I go. 
The health benefits really do out weigh the cons, you have a healthier weight, reduce risk of certain heart disease as it lowers fats in the blood, less need for the dentist (my fear!) and finally the thing we are all after youthful looks!

I dont let my children have anywhere near in a day the amount I have in a cup of tea so really its taking a spoon of my own medicine but we shall see.


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