Friday, 5 July 2013

Soap and Gory Cleansers Review.

I though Id do a quick review on the soap and glory cleansers beens as I realised I own them all. (well by the face wipes but I refuse to use those!) Here is my run down of these washes...

Face Soap Clarity.

Soap and Glory say...

"A high-tech, gentle non-drying foaming facial wash, formulated with complexion-friendly, easy-rinse surfactants and special SUPERFRUIT PLUM skin brightening complex."

I brought this cleanser long before I became hooked on Caroline Hirons blog. At the time the idea of CLARITY sold this cleanser to me, its a nice face wash does not foam much but it does state its a non drying foaming cleanser so maybe that has some affect on the lather. 
The consistency of the wash is a gel like cleanser and really has to be worked in on the face to form a lather of any kind.
There are little beads in this face wash that I found smooth did not really feel like any form of exfoliation.
I found little difference in my skin from this wash. I would rise off with warm water and dry with a clean towel.  There was never anything to be over impressed with with this wash but my skin did always feel clean after.

Hot Cloth cleanser.

Soap and Glory say...

It cleans, it smooths, it melts away makeup! With panthenol, natural sweet almond, orange and lavender essential oils. 

I tend to apply this to dry skin. I massage it into my face taking my time and having a lovely little facial at the same time. I find with this cleanser and I trust im not alone, that as you work it onto your face half of the stuff slips in the gaps of your fingers like lumps of the stuff! 
The directions advise to leave it on for a good couple of minutes to really good clean so half way through i add a little water to my face to get more out of the product. I tend to remove with a warm flannel taking in the lovely sent (smells like a relaxing lavender oil) I find a flannel better as it keeps in the heat and feels less scratchy to remove the left over product. Also i this cleanser gets in your eyes it stings like a @%** so its not the best for removing eye makeup.

Peaches and Clean Cleansing Milk.

Soap and Glory say...

Our special clogged T-zone formula Includes peach extract (with skin smoothing fruit acids), quillaja bark (a gentle natural soap™), jojoba oil (an emollient skin softener), Detoxy boost technology (to help purify and deep clean) and Poreshrink R2 (for a clearer, fresher, brighter complexion). In our opinion its the best cleansing milk on the market!

I have to say im not overly keen on the peach sent of this cleanser, it is quite bold and man made (if that at all makes sense?) I tend to use this cleanser as more of a pre cleanse to remove makeup and do like the feel on my skin. 
I wash my face with water then work it around my face over my eyes (this can still sting a tiny bit) I tend to remove it with a flannel but when Im in the bath I just use water. This milk does leave my skin feeling slightly moisturised. As a whole I am a fan. I did read Miss Budget Beauty likes to put this on as more of mask so I have tried it out like that as well. I did not get any irritation from it and my skin felt really clean and fresh but it gave no major results to the skin. I dont think there are really any beneficial skincare benefits if you leave it on but it does feel nice once removed. 

I have to say the least favourite of the 3 is the clarity foaming wash for 3 reasons. I did not see any result in my skin for the claims it makes, I later found out foaming face washes are terrible for oily/acne skin and the beads were really no form of exfoliation in my eyes. 
My favourite of the 3 is the hot cloth cleanser, I love the sent, it removes my makeup and does not cause any breakouts on my skin.

All of these face washes claim to be for all skin types but straight away I would say none of them would be overly good for sensitive skins. My sister who is very sensitive goes by a general rule of thumb, if a product reads avoid the eye area then its no good!
It is a bit disappointing that none of these washes tend to be any good for the eye area and do sting when applied as I like to get my face washed and makeup removed all together even if I must double cleanse.


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