Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Try It Out Tuesday.....Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo Review.

Firstly to explain this shampoo I would call it a clarifying shampoo. This product removes hard water minerals, pollutants and the build up of general product usage.
I have also found this a really good shampoo for my greasy roots leaving my hair squeaky clean and fresh.

When I use this shampoo which I have done once a week for a month now I find I only need a small amount, it lathers up really well and as it says on the side of the bottle repeat if required but you should not need to. (you really dont!) 
It smells a little like washing up liquid to me, but that just adds to the squeaky clean feel.
I am a stickler for product build up, I use heat sprays, volumizers, fibre paste for my layers, texture sprays and a day or so down the line out comes the dry hair shampoo as there is a option for a shower during the day with two under threes running riot! 

This shampoo does say not to use on colour treated hair. Now I dye my hair red and have found no particular increase in colour fade or drying of the hair. I do however use this as a time to follow with a hair mask. What better time to do a hair mask than when your hair is really clean and the mask can get into the hair follicles and do the job intended.

The Sunday shampoo retails at £15.50 on the Boots website, however I have found it for £13.18 on Iwantthelook.com with free delivery. I placed my order on a friday morning and it was with me on the monday morning so I was very impressed with their delivery service!

I do think this is a shampoo every girlie needs in her stash, if your hair is feeling like its weighed down, looking more dull than normal or just really keeps a hold of your previously loved products id say to give this a go. Just a final quick tip this shampoo will help you get the best of your products as a build up of residue in the hair prevents products doing there job properly as the new product just clings on to the old stuff!


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