Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Vichy Normaderm Anti-aging Anti-imperfection Anti-wrinkle Resurfacing Review.

I have been using this as my nightly moisturiser for the last month now and have been enjoying it so much I thought it was time I shared it with you all.
This moisturiser was one of the first on the market to claim to be able to tackle two major concerns in one handy tube. Anti ageing and imperfections.

This cream contains three vital ingredients that make it possible to cover to major concerns. Glycolic Acid, LHA and vitamin C.
Now Glycolic acid is growing increasing popular thanks to Caroline Hirons enlightening the world on chemical exfolients and indeed how much better for your skin they are compared to grainy ones. 
I tend to use this cream at night with it containing this vital ingredient as to use in the day could require extra SPF.
Now LHA works in a similar way to Salicylic acid. LHA decreases the concentration of bacteria in the pores and also breaks up the particles that block the pores (Tell me im not the only one loving the sound of that!)
The Vitamin C works for the anti ageing side of the cream, it helps to plump and even out the complexion.

The cream itself is a light green colour, smells like cucumber after sun and sinks into my oily skin like a dream. It leaves no film, my skin is soft and has a mat finish to it. I tend to alternate nights with using this cream and my Duo as the two creams together can be to drying for the skin with all the active ingredients.

On a whole I am happy with the results. I dont wake in the morning with oily skin as so many night creams are guilty of and I have seen a small difference in my skin. It looks less dehydrated and my skin tone is more even.
I am happy with the results and will be buying again!


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