Thursday, 22 August 2013

Concealing The Evidence ..... The best of budget Concealers.

Do you need to hide what you did last night? Out all night, Guilty! No sleep with the children deciding 3am is the new 8am ? Guilty!

Ive been looking for my holy grail moisturiser for under my eyes, most formulas are to heavy and leave the delicate skin creasing and looking worse than missing a nights sleep by noon.
I have tried YSLs very famous gold e touche eclat and it makes my eyes well up leaving me with a days worth of irritation ahead of me. The closest Ive come before this was cliniques however for the cost it just runs out to quickly.

In order, 17 Stay time, Rimmel Wake up, Collection Lasting Perfection, Bourjois Healthy Mix, Mac Moisture Fix and No 7 Instant Radiance.

Here are the top concealers I have in my collection, they all look like very different colours yet apart from the Mac one they are all the light formulation.

First up 17 Stay Time. My newest addition and in my eyes a very clear replacement for the Collection one, lasts well during the day, has a great formulation for under the eyes and redness but I found does not really have the full coverage you want to use on a spot.

Rimmel's Wake Me Up Concealer, this is the runniest formulation and sank into the skin the most was almost undetectable in the blended out swatches. This fades out during the day so reapplication is required. Great under the eyes but I would not even try using on blemishes due to lack of coverage and it does have some reflective pigments which would make that zit look like it belongs on Godzilla face!
There are also 4 shades however the lightest one that I was able to get (Ivory) can be hard to get hold of.

Collection lasting perfection, Again there are 4 shades to choose from. I loved before trying 17s newer version, this is creamy, ok over redness and spots but it does not last the day as it name seems to suggest.

Bourjois Healthy Mix, has much more of a yellow undertone to the rest, this really brightens the under eye but I feel can still look quite heavy and cakey on the skin. Dries very matt which can stand out if you have little coverage on the rest of your face without careful blending. There are 3 shades for this formula.

Mac Moisture fix, adds a light under eye coverage, but sits well during the day. For day to day this is an excellent choice but not after a very late night as will not cover the ultimate dark circles. This is the most expensive of the bunch at £15 a pop but I have included as has the widest shade selection with 14 different colours to choose from.

Finally No 7 Instant Radiance, I only by this when with the £5 off vouchers in boots. I have been a fan of this for years, the coverage is good and settles really well into the skin. The shade range however is very limited with just 3 shades and they are all fairly light. I do like the pen on this tube also.

If I had to pick one, it would be the 17 Stay Time concealer. It has quite a few shades, covers well and lasts during the day!!! Also great price at £4.49 before any offer (which there always is something o at boots!) 

Whats your favourite concealer? Do you have panda eyes before breakfast? 


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