Monday, 26 August 2013

My 80th Post.... Superdrug Haul.

For my 80th post I have chosen to complete my first Haul for Superdrug. In all honesty its been boots that I been drawn to over the past few months. With their fab offers and new offering on their shelves. But last week I walked into superdrug or a mascara and came out with a bag filled with goodies and a lighter purse!

So what did I buy? Well here is my list and hopefully their could be some good reviews coming your way soon......

MUA Bronzer in shade 3. This is a matte bronzer and just a £1 for 5.7g of golden goodness. I swatched this in store and was so impressed with this. I even have on today! My new contour quite possibly?

Derm V10 Rescue Oil, I have been a fan of Bio Oil for years now after two pregnancies it has served me well. The reason for down grading to a budget brand is a fab review ive seen on Miss Budge Beauty HERE This claims to have no mineral oil (which bio oil has quite a lot of) so could be better and great value for money.
My son cracked his head open a couple of weeks ago and this is safe for even the most sensitive of skins so I will be using this to try and reduce scaring.

Next up Naturally Radiant Brightening Renewal Mask. I got this on a half price deal for £2.50. This superdrug own brand are well known for their hot cloth wash and Ive seen loads of rave reviews on that so heres hoping this could be a good little find.All of this brand is currently flaunting a half price offering instore!

Ive been searching now for the new maybelline brow mascara for around a month and cant leave it any longer to tame those beasts above my eyeballs so I purchased The Collection Colour Lash Clear Mascara. This was £1.99 also the cheapest mascara I could find as when buying a product for this reason I have alway gone with the cheaper the better!

With my skin I have now been put on tablets and given an extremely drying cream to help clear up the current bout of acne I am experiencing, my normal oil free ones are still showing flaking when I apply makeup so I thought the time was right for me to try of Niveas Hydrating Primer. I used yesterday and apart from the initial sting (related to my treatment not the cream) This has worked a treat for keeping the face dandruff at bay!

After using the Revlon Lash Potion review HERE. I was thinking it was time to give water proof mascaras a go again after around 3/4 years of avoiding them. I have purchased Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express and or though this mascara is great I was swiftly reminded of why I am not keen on waterproof mascaras. I hate the tacky feel on my lashes that seems to last all day. The scrubbing involved with removal. (If anyone has a miracle product for this please do comment!) and the morning after I still wake up looking like Kung Foo Panda!

Lastly but ow so not leastly! Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr in Metallic Pomegranate! Just WOW! Im already a fan of the formulation. I was showing it off to my sister on friday and no amount of rubbing removed it off my hand. This IS sooooo going to be my go to Autumn shade. In my eyes this is a red/brown with soft golden shimmer in it. This is very buildable for a smoky eye, yet also very blendable for day time look. There will be a full review of this product, if you liked the shade On and On Bronze you will be loving this next season (Bites lip!)


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