Monday, 2 September 2013

August Favourites.

The final month of summer has now over orthough today feels like we still have plenty of warmth left. We are another month down and closer to christmas (*counts down days till Boots Christmas Gift Guide is on the shelves!)

So August is over so here we have my best and most used items of the month.

First up is the Real Techniques Duo Face Brush (reviewed HERE) I have really abused this brush this month. Even with the best (still not amazing sigh) tan Ive had in years applying bronzer is just to easy to appear ive gone heavy handed. This brush just will not let that happen. Also creates beautiful cheeks when I layer my blushes to give a little depth to the skin.

Next the Bumble and Bumble Surf Shampoo and Conditioner Duo, these just give me great hair days every time I use. I dont have to blow dry my hair for the best look. The conditioner is the perfect lightness for my fine locks, it never leaves my roots greasy or my ends weighed down. I reviewed these back in July HERE and have been using them ever since. Only niggle I have is there is no lingering sent after.

Serozinc, ow how I would of been lost without you this month. A quick spray here to tone or cool and a good spray on both my children. My son had hives randomly one evening and they disappeared within the hour after spraying this little miracle in a can. Was also great for Kara and her regular bouts of prickly heat. I also reviewed this back in July HERE.

My concealer of choice this month has been 17 Stay Time, this has done me well for actually lasting when my face is sliding off in the heat. I am finding it a little heavy around the eyes though so still looking for my HG product here! Check out my review on budget concealers HERE.

Finally Maybellines Rocket Mascara, I used during the second half of the month and have not put down! I was having real problems with mascara fallout with the heat. I had panda eyes before lunch most days. This mascara was a real investment in terms of lasting, volumizing and really defining my lashes. I also LOVE this brush, its thick and picks up the perfect amount of product so you dont wind up with clumpy eyes. I now just have to get used to waterproof Mascara!

What were your favourites for August? 


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