Sunday, 18 August 2013

Soap And Glory for hands, Hand Food Review.

Earlier In the week I posted my hand routine with one of my favourite products being the Soap and Glory Hand Food I had a couple of people ask why this is my go to when my hands are feeling a little hungry so I decided to do a little review on my thoughts for this product.

Hand Food, well, I been applying this for around 7 years now and these hard working palms dont look a day older than my first ever application.
Hand Food has got the original pink sent attached to it, which I just love with all my heart and goes on leaving a matte finish so Im not avoiding touching everything for the next half an hour.
Now this may sound a little silly but I used to find this hand food great for when watching what I was eating. When rubbing into my hands take a good whiff and the sent makes you want to be thinner! Not at all interested in that delicious smelling tray of cakes right next to your desk, just like you want to keep on pampering your talons all day!

This cream contains shea butter, macadamin oil and marshmallow (yes marshmallow) it promises to leave your hands soft with no greasy feel and I for one can vouch for that!

Shea butter is an intense moisturiser we all see very often in body moisturisers and body butters. 
Marshmallow in skincare actually comes from the Marshmallow plant but a different section has a long history of being used to soothe irritated skin. 
macadamin oil is commonly used in hair products and does not leave a greasy residue which is very useful for this product

I have also found this does not irritate any eczema or flare it up. If anything I have found it has sped up the healing process for my hands!

At £5 a pop for 125mls, this cream IS worth every penny, buy HERE from boots and also remember its always in great offers like 3 for 2 and there is a mini version for your handbag too! 


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