Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Vaseline Spray And Go Moistriser Review.

The concept of this moisturiser had me sold the moment I saw the first advertisement for it. A quick spray upon stepping on the shower and thats it all buttered up for the day.

Its not the first moisturiser I have tired from this idea, Avon did a spray oil that I was convinced was going to me my "go to" however I found it more of a pain to use when the spray was not aerosol so every time you use at the wrong angle it would just stop spraying the product. Vaseline's spray works great from all angles. The small nib was also a little crappy as you get oil on you fingers and you just keep slipping off the nozzle. Where as the vaseline nozzle is wide and has much more grip to it. 
So really my point is if the idea is not really thought through as much as the concept is great it does not always work out.

This new addition to the Vaseline family however has worked incredibly well for me. The formula is great. I love the sent of this particular bottle. Pure oat extract + stratys 3 multi-layer moisture.
I really can jump out of the shower spray and go! No dry patches in sight.

Only problem I have left now is slipping on the floor due to my novice aim!!! 


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