Friday, 20 September 2013

Blog induced purchases.

Long before I began my own blog I was already addicted to reading the blogs of many, many others.
This is a little post Ive put together to reveal a couple of purchases I could not leave on the shelf and if they were really worth the hype!

First up the HG of makeup brushes, the mother of all foundation brushes...... The Real Techniques Buffing Brush. This was only in the Core Collection but is now going to be in a limited edition set to be released before christmas. It will be the best of collection.
Worth the hype? My god YES!!!! Looking back now why the hell did I paint my foundation onto my skin like I was redecorating my walls, yes I could get a good finish but it took a lot more work than this God among other inferrer brushes could do!!!

Next onto concealer and to any a blogger they would recognise The Collection's Lasting Finish Concealer in any bloggers makeup bag a mile off.
The coverage was good for a high street brand however on the down side was quite drying (terrible for under eyes) and I found I had to reapply a couple of times in the day. (Lasting Finish My A**)

Another forced purchase and im talking arm twisted around back and shoved into a boots store kind of forced* (*honestly) was the Mayberlillne Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze. Now this was on every blog I came across for like a month before I took the plunge and I have to say I have not looked back. The formula is that of a cream shadow, the finish is very polished and looks alot more "high end" than "high street" 
The lasting power is just amazing and I also find it great to use as a primer for other shadows which when done right can give a really chic finish.
Worth the hype? At £4.99 for this quality of formula, shade and finish I would of paid double!!!

Next up this little duo from bumble and bumble the Surf Shampoo and Conditioner. Now I really ummed and arrred about this one. I managed to find them and pay less than £30 for the 2 of them at the time which I was very impressed with but Im not so sure they are a must.
Here is why, the sent is really bland, no lasting impression or heavenly sent when in a warm streamy shower. They really provide the same finish as the surf spray just a lot lighter and more natural for a just got out of bed look. If you use this duo to often with no break your hair becomes really clogged and knotty and just a nightmare to deal with. 
Worth the hype? for the results it gives hell yes! But if you only want the textured look every now and then, id say to stick with the spray and by shampoo and conditioner for your hair type not requirement. 

Finally my last blog loving induced item. Alpha H liquid Gold. My little miracle in a bottle. This has cleared all the little blocked pores I had on my face and made a difference to my over all skin. 
Since making this purchase unless for some evil reason my skin decides to not love this stuff anymore I will be a repeat offender of repurchasing. Worth the hype? Well if I could of only had one item from this post it would be this!

Do you have any blog induced purchases? What are they? 



  1. I usually have far to many blog (or youtube video) induced purchases!! My last one was L'Oreal's Magic Perfecting base.

    Jenna ♥ ♥
    Northern Beauty 85

  2. I cant wait to try that out!!!! It looks fab!! xXx